Tugaloo Hike

One of the reasons I’m really enjoying living where I do is that we have an abundance of awesome day hikes within an hour’s drive. Greg and I knew this weekend was going to be beautiful, so yesterday, I got online (a marvelous thing, really! I love the internet) and found that Tugaloo State Park–somewhere we had never been–was just a little over an hour away. So this morning, Greg and I packed up some supplies (hotdogs, woo!) and Scotch, and we headed to the Georgia/South Carolina State Line to visit this state park.

We found a nice little place to cook the hotdogs, played some fetch with Scotch, and it just so happened to be right at the trail head. Plants and trees and such are just now starting to come back to life, so the scenery wasn’t pretty, but the day was gorgeous. The sun was warm and the cool breeze coming off of the lake was quite nice.


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