Author Interview: Delilah S. Dawson

I’m starting up a new feature on–author interviews. Each Sunday, I will post a Q & A session with a spiffy author. I already have a few lined up. Up first is the fabulous Delilah S. Dawson, author of the Blud series of books and of the upcoming YA novel, Servants of the Storm (Release date: August 5, 2014).

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Your Blud series recently came to an end, and it seems like it was only yesterday Wicked as They Come was just being released. How do you feel now that it’s over?

LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU LA LA LA. Ahem. I don’t actually think it’s over. I mean, Pocket [publisher of the Blud books] hasn’t bought any more books, but I certainly left the world wide open and will continue writing in it. I have two short stories set in Sang coming out this year, and my recent self-publishing of “The Lumberfox” is basically a trial run to figure out the ins and outs of self-pub so that I can finish Tish and Crim’s story, as readers of Wicked as They Come will note it was left a HEA… with a caveat. At first, I was sad, but then I remembered that, as with writing itself, a series isn’t over until the author stops writing it.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Whatever my parents told me to be at the time. 😉 I knew I was an artist, so when they told me I should go into advertising, I told people that. Basically, I was raised with the understanding that no one would pay you to create your art, so you got a real job and paid your dues and did art on the side. I wanted to be a vet for a while, too, until a vet had to put down my sick cat and I realized I didn’t have what it takes to tell a kid that her best friend was dead. Outside of being an artist, I never felt like I had a calling or knew what I wanted to be when I grew up… until I was 32 and wrote my first book. Then I knew.

Who’s your hero?

Um, all the Avengers? I mean, I’m in a unique position such that I’m doing what my biggest heroes do, and yet I still look up to so many writers whose careers have gone in amazing directions. Diana Gabaldon, Stephen King, and Charlaine Harris, for example, give me great hope. I would love to see my stories on the big screen. If this was meant as a straight up geek question, though, the list gets long: Malcolm Reynolds, River, Buffy, Iron Man, Thor, Cap…

What are you currently reading?

I tend to read several books at the same time, so I’ve got City of Jasmine by friend and hero Deanna Raybourn by my bedside; How to Marry a Duke by Vicky Dreiling on my iPad; and The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss in my car, plus a couple of non-fiction research books dog-eared by my laptop.

What’s the most bizarre question you’ve been asked about yourself or your books?

Someone in a panel once asked who inspired my sex scenes. And I’ve been happily married for 12 years to the guy I started dating in 1997, so it seemed a little weird. All I could say—all I can say—is that just like any “what inspired” question, I take in a ton of media and have a very active imagination. But, yeah, my husband’s pretty hot, too.

What question(s) do you wish people would stop asking you?

I don’t have any questions that drive me crazy, but it does make me wince when people who aren’t involved in publishing ask questions like, “Why don’t you write a picture book and sell it tomorrow for a million dollars?” or “Why aren’t your books movies yet?” Until you’re in the publishing world, you just don’t understand how random and difficult it is, how long it takes for anything to happen. Believe me, if I could, I would have forty books out, be making a million dollars, and be watching Criminy in a submarine at the movies.

Do you have a dream festival, conference, bookstore etc that you’d like to be invited to?

I love seeing new places and hanging out with the writers and readers I’ve met on Twitter, so any event that invites me is a dream. 🙂 Of course, I’d love to be at SDCC [San Diego Comic Con]or NYCC [New York Comic Con] or BEA [Book Expo America] or ALA [American Library Association Annual Conference], all of which you have to be invited to get in. Last year, I got my first invite to Phoenix Comicon, and it was amazing. I can’t wait to go back this year! What I always say is that I’ll go almost anywhere someone pays me to go—and I’d go to even more events if I had a bigger travel budget of my own.

What writer, alive or dead, do you wish you could share a bottle of wine with?

Ah, see, that’s one thing I’ve learned, having met a couple of authors I idolize: they’re just people, and I’d rather hang with someone I know and like than stare at someone who really intimidates and awes me. Right this moment, I’d just take a great dinner with all my friends who are coming to Phoenix Comicon: Kevin Hearne, Sam Sykes, Leanna Renee Hieber, Chuck Wendig, Myke Cole, Seanan McGuire, Mike Woods, Kristin Sullivan, Jamie Wyman, Peter Orullian, Shawn Speakman, and, if we could force them to join us, John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton. I would have duck and a French 75.

Who are a couple of authors you’d suggest your fans read while they await your next book?

Depends on what they like, but I always feel safe recommending Deanna Raybourn’s books. If someone likes steampunk, I suggest Meljean Brook, Gail Carriger, and Karina Cooper. If they like deep worldbuilding and an adventure, Cassandra Clare. And the book that most recently knocked me off my butt was Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith, whose Winger was also amazing.

What exotic animal would you like to have as a pet?

Nothing too exotic, as I don’t like doing much work. 😉 But I would like to have a Rosy Boa. Small, shy snake, very pretty. And they never get big enough to eat rats. I still want a marine aquarium one day, too, as author Susan Spann’s posts about her aquarium’s denizens are some of my favorite things I see on Facebook.

White, milk, or dark chocolate?

Dark—although lately, I’m into weird chocolate. My husband got me this amazing exotic truffle box from Vosges for Christmas, with flavors that included absinthe and cayenne and curry. They were unbelievable! I’ve basically concluded that tasting new things is one of my chief joys in life. Oh, and a very kind reader overseas sent me two boxes of chocolate sea salt caramel hippos, which were UNBELIEVABLE. Thanks, Anamuk!

And thanks for having me, April!

Pre-order Servants of the Storm

A special thank you to Delilah for being my first author interview! If you haven’t read her Blud books, you definitely should. You can find out more about Delilah S. Dawson and her books at

Please stop by next week when I’ll be interviewing Christopher Moore, author of the upcoming Serpent of Venice, and we’ll found out why he’d like to take Jane Austen to an amusement park.

Purchase Wicked as They Come (Blud #1)

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask Delilah S. Dawson or Christopher Moore? Post in the comments!


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