Panther Creek Hike

Another weekend, another hike in the North Georgia Mountains. This time Greg and I loaded our backpacks with trial mix and water and headed to Clarkesville, GA to hike to the Panther Creek Falls. This particular trail is a total of 7 miles (3.5 in and the same 3.5 out). It took us four and a half hours. For the first three miles in, everything is pretty simple. The terrain is relatively flat with just some minor rolling hills. There’s nothing too scary, then that last .5 miles to the trail, you are holding on to rocks and roots for dear life, hoping that the mud underneath you doesn’t make you slip and fall 100 feet into the shallow, fast moving creek beneath you. I didn’t get any pictures of the really dangerous part; I was too busy using my hands to hold on for dear life.


It was also a very long trip, which means I took LOTS of pictures (over 100, only posted 92 here).



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