The Alloy of Law: A Review

Alloy of LawThe Alloy of Law is the stand-alone(ish) follow-up novel to Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series. I say standalone-ish because if someone has not read the original trilogy, they may have a hard time understanding the foundational mythos of this world. Law’s story takes place three hundred years after the events of the main series, in a steampunkish world of guns and horseless carriages.

Law is the story of Waxillium Ladrian, a twinborn, meaning he has both allomantic and feruchemic powers. After spending his younger days as a lawman out in the Roughs, he returns to the city to assume duties as the head of his household. But he doesn’t leave the crime and badguys behind. A mysterious group called “Vanishers” is robbing trains and kidnapping women. Wax tries to stay out of it, but he is unable  resist the urge to be a lawman once more, especially when his fiancée becomes one of those kidnapped women.

The consequences of this book aren’t nearly as world-altering as the core Mistborn trilogy. In comparison, it is quite mundane. It is an adventure story of robberies and kidnappings. It reads more of a wild west penny thriller, which isn’t bad, but doesn’t have the same depth. The story is fun and exciting—a neat addition to the Mistborn world.

4/5 Stars


3 thoughts on “The Alloy of Law: A Review

  1. I just finished this book earlier in the week! I know it’s more of a novella, but I couldn’t help wishing it was a bit more involved. I did enjoy the idea that it took place hundreds of years after the original trilogy and gives you an idea about what happened as a result. Overall a really good read.

    As an aside, am I the only one who thinks his book covers are terrible?

    1. The covers aren’t the best, but they’re definitely not the worst. The original covers for the Wheel of Time series are horrible. On the front of one, the character looks like a Rock’em-Sock’em Robot in a tunic.

      1. Haha oh dear. Sometimes I truly wonder who looked at some of these covers and said “Yeah, that’ll do”. But of course, you know what they say about judging books by their covers..

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