B: Book Review–City of Jasmine

CoJHigh-flyin’ adventure, desert landscapes, and an ancient artifact are the basis of Deanna Raybourn’s latest novel, City of Jasmine. Set in the 1920s, this novel is reminiscent of archaeological action movies like Romancing the Stone and Indiana Jones, but with a much more developed female  lead.

After becoming a widow a few years previously, Evangeline Starke  is now a famed aviatrix who is making an adventurous flight across the seven seas of antiquity. As she is preparing for the last leg of her journey, she receives a piece of mail that turns her life upside down. It is a current picture of her husband, thought to have died when the Lusitania sunk, in Damascus. Curious and angry, Evie diverts her flight and heads straight to Damascus, an action which sets off a whirlwind of adventure and danger.

City of Jasmine is fun and beautifully written. It is a fantastic journey through the lush desert landscape. Deanna Raybourn has uncovered treasure again in creating this wonderful tale.

5/5 Stars


6 thoughts on “B: Book Review–City of Jasmine

  1. A different world for the writer and the reader. Getting lost in your book is a wonderful feeling, but I don’t know if I would want to get lost in the 1920’s.

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