D: Dragonflight – Book Review

dragonflightDragonflight is the first book set in Anne McCaffrey’s world of Pern. Set in a time where human have achieved spaceflight, colonized another world, and then devolved into a feudalistic society, Dragonflight introduced the readers to the the people and dragons of Pern.

Ever two hundred years, the Red Star passes Pern, bringing with it what’s known as the Threads. These Threads, if they make it to the earth below, leech into the ground and suck the life out of it’s surroundings. Dragons are the main defense against the Threads. They using their fire-breathing and flight abilities to burn the Threads out of the air before they ever reach the ground.

The people of Pern, though, have stopped believing in the Threads and the threat they pose. They become disrespectful and even mutinous against dragons and their dragonriders. Traditions and training are failing. F’lar, a bronze dragonrider, wants to change that. He sets out in search of a woman to be the rider of the new dragon queen. He finds Lessa, a dirty, mistreated member of a slaughter family. Together, they prepare their weyr (the collective of dragons and dragonriders) for the Threads.

McCaffrey’s first Pern novel is very much story driven. It’s full of world-building and crisis. There’s little room for character development, but that doesn’t seem to take away from the story. And with so many subsequent books, there’s time to delve more deeply into the characters. The Pern books are cannon for any lover of fantasy.

4/5 Stars

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9 thoughts on “D: Dragonflight – Book Review

  1. Anne McCaffrey was one of my favourite writers in my late teens and twenties. Her novels hold a warm spot in my heart even if I have grown way beyond the simple feudal misogynistic world she developed. I enjoyed hiding in Pern for a while.

    Good review. 🙂 .

  2. I’m not really into the fantasy genre.
    Having said that, I wasn’t really into the space opera genre, then I read two space opera stories… and I’m now converted! LOL
    So you never know… 🙂
    I’m always amazed at the world-building skills required to write sci-fi/ fantasy…

  3. You know, I like Ann McCaffery, but I always found her books a bit slow. I needed more action, more immediacy to keep me turning pages. That said, I did read a few of her books and enjoyed them…before I knew what a thriller read like. =)

  4. I love Anne McCaffery. I was so sad when she passed away. I had always dreamed about going to Ireland and showing up at Dragonhold (her estate) and her welcoming me in for tea and then going horseback riding. I have no idea why I had this dream, but sadly, it was dashed with her death and it shall just remain a dream.

  5. A good review, although it’s not my genre. I may get around to reading one sometime just so that it’s another type of writing I’ve experienced. I read a ‘shape-shifters’ story a couple of weeks ago. What is so remarkable? It’s the third one I’ve attempted, but the first one I’ve finished. The dragons are in with a chance.

  6. I count Anne McCaffrey as one of my main influences so I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think I’ve lost the first three books, although I have later ones, so I might just take up that Amazon offer – thanks for pointing it out! Try the Crystal Singer series as well.
    Blogging from Alpha to Zulu in April

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