J: Java and 4 Other Things Writers Need


  1. Java: Or coffee–To help get through those morning/afternoon writing sessions. Caffeine is a stimulant. It helps to get your body and your mind in gear.


  2. Wine: To help you get through those afternoon/evening sessions. Wine relaxes you, lowers some inhibitions, and eases you into writing.


  3. Books: Whether it be paper or electronic, all writers should be readers.


  4. Place: Have a place dedicated to writing, whether that be an office, a park picnic table, or a coffee house. Know that when you’re in that place, you should be writing.


  5. Support: We all need a little help from our friends. For some, this may be an encouraging spouse, for others it may be a writing critique group. You are not alone in this venture.
*All Images from openclipart.org

4 thoughts on “J: Java and 4 Other Things Writers Need

  1. I like the list. Having said goodbye to the consumption of wine some years ago (because I wanted to live longer), I now throw myself at the mercy of caffeine, which I unashamedly o/d on, when writing.
    Great list.

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