P: Poetry

I started out this month by doing both the A to Z Blogging Challenge and Writers Digest’s Poem-a-Day Challenge. I only stuck with the A to Z. I made it a whole 2 days on the PAD challenge, and these are the two poems I come up with. I spent a total of about 10-15 minutes on each, so you know they’re flawless gems!

Fleeting Moment

A rain of petals
Scatters across my porch,
Tumbling in the breeze.
A graceful chaos
Signals the beginning of Spring

White on brown,
A delicate silk,
Like soft, warm snow.
A fleeting tableau–
Intangible moments of Spring.

Drifting sinuously,
Below the clouds,
Maroon leaves spawn
From balding stems.
Spring fades to Summer in the South.



The spine cracks,
A satisfying moment,
Inhale, savor
The thick musty pages.

The uneven edges,
Cut by an uncaring knife.
It has character,
This leather-bound tome.

Title page,
Chapter one.

Off I go!
A hobbit’s tale
A kingdom of long-ago
Lost among the stars.

Once upon a time,
Build-up, tensions rise
Climax! Resolution!
The end.

What an incredible journey!


2 thoughts on “P: Poetry

  1. Oh good poems, how I wish for your own sake you had persevered to finish the PAD? The secret, well as applied to me, was to schedule my posts ahead of time and I wrote several of them in a single sitting based on the passion, motivation and challenge indeed.
    I am doing the #atoz over at http://myeverydaypersonal.blogspot.be/ created for the challenge and hence

  2. I left poetry behind when I started writing novels about three years ago. I only wrote poetry for about three years but managed to amass a collection of 700+, and I’ve converted a fair number of them into a series of five eBooks. ‘An Anthology Poetry …’
    I would spend far too long on such a challenge as the PAD, because I’m a stickler for rhyme. I’d rather see one challenge done well, than two at second best, so I admire you for giving up on one early on.

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