R: Review (The Black Ice)

blackiceThe Black Ice is crime-fiction writer Michael Connelly’s second Harry Bosch novel. There have, of course, been many since. You can tell it’s an early novel, peppered with descriptions and imagery that borders on being pretentious. But the story itself is good for a quick and entertaining read.

Harry Bosch is a gritty Los Angeles homicide detective, who is spending Christmas alone and on-call. On his police scanner, he hears something suspicious that leads him out to a hotel and the dead body of Cal Moore, a cop who’s been missing for several days. Bosch soon learns that two of his cases are related to the cop’s apparent suicide and it leads him on an investigation revolving around the trade of a new drug called black ice. It is a thrilling story involving murder, drug cartels, beautiful women, and irradiated flies.

The story is great, the writing is so-so (Connelly has definitely improved over the years and now makes everything more natural). A good book for summer/bathtub reading.

3/5 Stars


5 thoughts on “R: Review (The Black Ice)

  1. I’ve read a couple of Connelly’s but I keep meaning to start right at the beginning. You’ve just prompted that thought process again! I’m glad you enjoyed it. He’s a great writer.

    1. Connelly’s Harry Bosch books are one of the few series that I’ve read completely out of order and it doesn’t bother me. One of these days I may start from the beginning to see if I get more out of the stories.

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