S: Sushi for Beginners (A Review)

sushiI haven’t read much of Marian Keyes, only three books so far, but of those I have read Sushi for Beginners didn’t strike me as much as the other two I’ve read (Angels and Last Chance Saloon). It was still fun and entertaining, but it lacked emotion and imagination, and the characters were just completely unrelatable for me. The story seemed lazy and followed the 90s rom-com trope of the heroine working at a fashion magazine.

Sushi follows the lives of three women–Lisa, Ashling, and Clodagh. Lisa is a magazine editor who thinks the world is over when she is sent to Dublin to start-up a new women’s magazine. Ashling, after being recently let-go from her previous magazine job, becomes Lisa’s assistant editor. Clodagh is one of Ashling’s best friends who has the whole family package-husband, kids, and boredom. Lisa and Ashling grow, albeit subtly, through the story as they try to navigate magazines, love, life, and depression. Clodagh just needs to be slapped in the face. She is the childish foil to the other two, making their minor progression seem something grander.

Sushi is good for a quick read, but don’t look for any depth, or any real romance here. It tries to delve into deeper emotions, like depression, but fails to hit the mark. It is a shallow story that could have been done much better.

3/5 Stars


One thought on “S: Sushi for Beginners (A Review)

  1. This reminds me so much of a review I wrote on a book a few months ago. In summary, if I remember correctly, I suggested that it was finished quickly to get it published – but the manuscript should have had another draft.

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