W: Winfield Scott Hike

Today the weather was perfect, absolutely perfect. The sky was clear and brilliantly blue. The temperature was just right and there was a slight, cooling breeze. I couldn’t have asked for better hiking weather.

Our trek today started at the Lake Winfield Scott Recreational area. We hiked the 2.7 mile Slaughter Creek Trail, hopped onto the Appalachian Trail for about 2 miles, and then made our way back to Lake Winfield Scott via the Jarrard Gap Trail (which we hiked and photographed earlier this year) for 1.4 miles, making our hike a grand total of 6.1 miles. We managed this in  about three hours and fifteen minutes.

This loop doesn’t provide much in the way of visual rewards. There are no waterfalls awaiting you, and the vast mountain views can only be seen during certain times of the year and from very specific spots, but it is a lovely walk through the woods. It’s mostly an uphill hike (slight to moderate) until you reach the Appalachian Trail. The AT has a few ups and downs, and then Jarrard Gap was downhill the entire way. The “Laureldendron” (Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel) is just beginning to bud and will probably be bloomed in a week or two, and it looks like many other wild flowers line the trail.

Overall, it was an awesome, fulfilling hike.




2 thoughts on “W: Winfield Scott Hike

  1. Looks and sounds incredible. My kind of thing, in my kind of place. I live in England but every year I drive up to the Scottish Highlands to be at one with my ancient ancestors. Great pics too.

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