X: X-Rated (Book Review)

superfoxIs it Hoth in here, or is it just me?

The Superfox is the second “Geekrotica” novella by Ava Lovelace (Nomme de Plume of Delilah S. Dawson, author of the Blud Novels). With nods to Wonder Woman and the Avengers, this scentalizing story is super sexy.

Taking place during Atlanta’s recent snowpocalypse, Superfox follows Melissa (Lissa) Martin, a Wonder Woman look-alike who works as a project manager at a marketing office. Lissa is a fully developed, strong woman archtype. She’s a leader, a trait that scares most guys away. And even though the snow is falling, she decides to stay in the office to finish up an important project. She’s not the only one left in the office, though. While roaming the halls, she comes across Mark Ranger, a photographer who is a cross between Thor and Loki in a kilt. Being alone, they get to know each other and indulge in a few choice work-place fantasies.

Lumberfox (Geekrotica Level 1)

The Geekrotica stories from Lovelace are well-written, fully actualized, indulgent tales. There’s no awkwardness, no weirdness. The story and the sex, while fantastically hot, are totally realistic and obtainable.

Level Two has been achieved. Now on to Level Three…

5/5 Stars

Download The Superfox (Geekrotica Level 2) for only $1.99!


One thought on “X: X-Rated (Book Review)

  1. Now, I have to point out that you finished your review with the phrase, ‘are totally realistic and obtainable.’
    I’m looking, I’m looking …

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