Someone Else’s Love Story: A Review

SELSSomeone Else’s Love Story is the latest from Southern author, Joshilyn Jackson. Don’t be fulled by the name, a love story it isn’t.

Shandi Pierce is at a crossroads in her life. She’s leaving Lumpkin County, Georgia (Where I work, which is always fun) and moving to the bustling city of Atlanta. On her way there, she and her son are caught up in an armed robbery at a gas station. That’s where she meets William Ashe, a brilliant scientist who looks like Thor. Things go from bad to epiphany-inducing, as Shandi realizes that she’s been lying to herself for years. After the robbery, the two form an awkward alliance as William helps Shandi discover what happened in her past. With themes of rape, Aspergers, self-deception, and forgiveness, this novel is full of depth and meaning which could easily slip past a lot of readers who may be picking this book up thinking it’s something else.

Overall, a really good read. I still find myself thinking back on it.

4/5 Stars

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