Christopher Moore in Atlanta

I discovered Christopher Moore and his books about 11 years ago when I was in a small bookshop in Blue Ridge, GA (the store, unfortunately, is no longer there). I picked up a book called Island of the Sequined Love Nun because, well, how could you not? The description on the backcover was the clincher. It talked about talking fruit bats, ninjas, and a sex goddess–of course I had to buy it. I haven’t looked back since. I devoured ever book he had written up until Fluke, then have eagerly awaited each successive release. I became a follower, a Fruitbat Diva of the CM Boardello.

My Interview with Christopher Moore

Today I got to meet Chris for the third time outside of the internet and in the real world. He came to Eagle Eye Bookshop in Atlanta on his book tour for his latest book, The Serpent of Venice. The talk and signing actually took place down the road from the bookstore at the North Druid Hills High School Auditorium–a wonderful decision, seeing how the place was packed. During the signing, he recognized both me and Greg and got to meet my buddy, Carol, for the first time. Unfortunately, the camera on my phone decided it didn’t like the lighting in the auditorium, and just stopped focusing, so many of my pictures came out unusable (including the several taken of me sitting on the signing table and posing while Chris wasn’t paying attention–Silly man trying to do his job and sign books!). Luckily, Carol was also taking pictures, so I’ve snagged a couple from her.

Purchase The Serpent of Venice from Amazon


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