Due to my book group and an upcoming new release, I’ve been “rereading” Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles (I’m listening to the audiobooks). Since I read these last year, I have archived reviews of all the books up until the upcoming one. As I’ve been relistening, my opinions of the books have somewhat altered. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love the books, but there are small things that I am picking up that could have altered the reviews slightly. So I faced a bit of a conundrum. Should I wipe the slate clean and write up new reviews, or should I simply repost my old reviews?

I thought over this for several days. Finally, I decided that the original reviews were better. Why? you may ask. Because these reviews reflect a first impression, that initial sense of wonder that you get from reading a book for the first time. Yes, some of my thoughts and feelings about certain parts of the book may have evolved after being more acquainted with the series, but it’s not that familiarity that new readers will be looking for. I want people who read my reviews to pick up the books and read them for themselves. They will not be tainted by their intimacy of the material. It’s new and fresh. It’s that first impression, that first read that matters most. And I want to make sure that I keep up that spirit of awesome, so I will be reposting my first-impression reviews.

What would you do? Do you repost old reviews or would you rereview a book you’ve read before? Hit the comments!


One thought on “Re-reviewing

  1. I may not comment on all of your individual reviews, but I will be watching out for that special story that grabs my imagination. That was just to reassure you that I will be around.
    Now, this post about reviewing is absolutely spot-on! You’ve defined what a good review should be, and that is how you felt as a first-time reader of a tale. If I was to read a review of yours, I’d be expecting to see your thoughts and whether or not you enjoyed it.
    I don’t think I would want to be looking at a deep analysis, because apart from anything else, it might put me off.
    Great post and sound, insightful thought process.

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