Desoto Falls – May 2014

For Mother’s Day/my dad’s birthday, Greg and I traveled to our home town of Blue Ridge to spend the day with my maw and paw. On the way there, however, we made a pit stop at Desoto Falls and got in a quick hike. This is the second time that we have hiked this set of trails (you can check out pics and snark from our first journey here). Both trails are short, in and out trails (one being .5 miles and the other 1.5 miles in total). We had lots of rain yesterday, but this morning, the weather was awesome. The falls were flowing readily and and temperature and humidity were perfect. Starting at about 9:30 this morning, we were the first people on the trail. How do I know? We walked into ALL THE SPIDERWEBS–90% of which were at face level. This is also the first hike that we’ve been on that we didn’t meet a single other person on the trail (though delicious campfire smoke permeated the air at the trailhead). All around, it was a nice hike this morning.



2 thoughts on “Desoto Falls – May 2014

  1. Hi April. I’m taking time out to get around my favourite blogs and glad I did. This hike looks like a superb trail to follow. I hope to do something similar next month when I head to the Scottish Highlands for a few days.
    Your pictures are first class and I remember seeing similar on the A to Z. Your enthusiasm can be sensed in your words and your great pics.
    I’m still up to my keyboard in projects but I will get back to have a nosey through your reviews. Take care..

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