Andrew’s Cove Hike

Yesterday was the start of mine and Greg’s vacation. After changing in the bathroom stalls, we left work at noon and jumped headlong into our vacation. The first thing we did was go the complete wrong way. I had thought our hike was in one part of our local national forest, when in fact it was about 45 minutes in a different direction. So after our initial detour–Thank goodness for Smartphones and GPS–We were well on our way.

The day was partly overcast, with the clouds moving fast. It made for quite an interesting light show in the woods. The atmosphere oscillating from bright and sunny to a fairylandish shade that verged on magical. It rained while the sun bared down on us through the broken canopy. The temperature fluctuated a good 10 degrees.

The hike was twice as long as I thought it was. Usually, when you read about an “in-and-out” type of hike, the length listed is the total length. Andrews Cove is listed as 2 miles–that’s only one way.  The hike was 4-miles in total. For the first 3/4 of the way into the hike, it’s easy and beautiful, crossing several creeks and mountain streams. The last bit that leads you up to a confluence with the Appalachian Trail will test your merit. There’s nothing dangerous here; it’s just a steep, uphill climb to the top. We had to stop and rest about every 50 paces or so.


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