Re-Review: Hammered


Review originally posted June 15, 2013

Hammered is the third volume in the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne. It stars Atticus O’Sullivan, a 2000+-year-old druid. Along with Leif Helgarson (a Viking vampire), Gunnar Magnusson (A werewolf lawyer), and several other mythological beings, Atticus sets off to Asgard in order to slay Thor (who is apparently an epic douche-waffle).

The third book is the weakest out of the first three. Hearne relies too heavily on nerdy references and allusions and plays up LOLcat speak WAY too much. More than once is too much, but almost every time there’s a cat involved in the story, it’s referred to as a “Kitteh”—and it gets a bit annoying. We get it, this 2000 year-old druid is all hip to the youngins’ jive language. This particular annoyance may have been exaggerated because I listened to the audiobook version, where if I were just reading it, I could easily just skim over the offending words and ignore them.

There’s also too little Oberon. I know that it would have been difficult getting the wolfhound to Asgard, so the reasoning behind his not being in the story much is understandable, but he was missed.

Overall, Hammered is still a good, fun story. The annoyances are just that—minor annoyances. The book itself fills in a lot of background story for some of the peripheral characters and explains how Thor got his reputation for being such an asshat.

So onward to the next book!

4/5 Stars

Reviewer’s Note: Last year, when I originally reviewed this book, I tried to post it on Amazon, like I do with many of my reviews. This one was rejected to do foul language. I wonder if it was “Douche-waffle” or “asshat” that was the offending word?

Have you read any of Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid books? What did you think of them? Hit the comments!


2 thoughts on “Re-Review: Hammered

  1. Hmm I liked the douche-waffle description….silly Amazon. Isn’t it so disappointing when you get further into the series and it just can’t live up to earlier books? Though you still gave it a 4, so it can’t be that bad 🙂

    1. Oh it was still quite entertaining, even listening to it the second time. And the series gets right back on track with the several that have followed. I’m looking forward to the release of the new Iron Druid book in June.

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