Wildlife and Writing Adventure

Vacation finally came. Greg and I have been planning our writing retreat in the woods for some time now. We had decided early on that we would spend the mornings doing something outdoorsy, the afternoons writing, and the evenings were just to be enjoyed. We stayed in a small cabin in Townsend, TN. There was no Wifi, meaning there were few distractions when writing. We managed to get about a chapter and a half hashed out. There’s still a bit of editing do to, but I believe we made a good impact. We did two area hikes–Abram’s Creek Falls (Tuesday) and Look Rock Tower (Thursday). On Wednesday morning, we rented a couple of bikes and road the eleven-mile Cades Cove loop. All-in-all, it was a fun, relaxing, and productive vacation.

I will be posted several sets of pictures of this vacation’s activities over the next couple of weeks. Up first are just some general pictures of the cabin and of Greg and me.


3 thoughts on “Wildlife and Writing Adventure

  1. A wonderful way to get away and be productive at the same time. I spent a week in ‘Treasure Island’ cottage on one of my last holidays in Scotland. It’s in a tiny village which nestles in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.
    Your pics are a wonderful way to bring us all in on how much you guys enjoyed your time. Superb.

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