Three Bedrooms, One Corpse: A Review

Three bedroomsThree Bedrooms, One Corpse is the third entry into Charlaine Harris’s Aurora Teagarden series. It differs from her other, more popular series–like The Southern Vampire Mysteries–in that it doesn’t have any supernatural elements. It’s considered a “cozy mystery.” I haven’t read any of the other Aurora Teagarden books, but I was able to pick this one up and jump right into the story.

Aurora, or Roe for short, is a former librarian who is trying her hand in the world of real estate by shadowing her mother. One day, while waiting on her mother, Aurora starts showing a house to a brother and sister, only to find the body of a dead real estate agent tied to the bed. As news of the murder hits the small town, suspension is thrown around and no one is safe. Aurora puts her mystery-solving hobby to use and follows a trail of clues that lead her on a deadly adventure, one that just might also provide her with a new love interest–That is, if he’s not the killer himself.

This book was a fun little mystery. There are some twists and turns, but nothing completely shocking or unpredictable. It’s–as the genre implies–comfortable. It would make for a great book to read one cool fall evening while cuddled up in a nice quilt, drinking a glass of spiced wine.

4/5 Stars

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