Cades Cove Bike

Greg and I decided to do something a bit different while on vacation. Instead of hiking one day, we decided to try a bike ride instead. From 7am to 10am on Wednesdays, Cades Cove is closed to all motorized traffic. Only walkers and bikers are allowed in. We figured this was the best time to go when there was no threat of being ran over by someone distracted by a wild turkey. We got up at 5am (yeah, you’re reading that right. We got up at 5am while on vacation), and was in Cades Cove by 7am renting our bikes.

I will tell you this truth right now–Biking uses a whole different set of leg muscles than hiking, muscles I didn’t even realize I had.

It took us almost exactly two hours to bike the 11-mile loop. And though it was tough, it was fun and utterly fantastic. I didn’t even fall off my bike even though it was the first time in at least fourteen years since I’ve been on one.


One thought on “Cades Cove Bike

  1. Superb pics once again April. If I had a choice of foreign holiday I’d latch onto you guys for a week. I know where you’re coming from on the muscle range thing. Up until I was about 42 I was a long distance runner and then one of my knees gave way.
    A couple of years ago the same knee stopped short my ability to do my regular fitness programme (no more squat-thrusts etc.,) I went back to cycling and I enjoy cycling to and from work. I’ve always cycled, but you’re right, it takes a bit of getting used to.

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