Wise Man’s Fear: A Review

wisemansfearFantasy is experiencing a renaissance that has yet to be seen in this genre. This surge in good quality high fantasy has yielded some absolutely wonderful new writers. Patrick Rothfuss is one of the names leading this pack. There are only two books so far in his Kingkiller Chronicles, but they are some of the best around and will give fantasy lovers another series to look forward to during the years between the Song of Fire and Ice books (and with much less incest and grotesque deaths).

The Wise Man’s Fear is the second book in Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles (the first being The Name of the Wind). It continues the story of Kvothe, a self-made hero of legend, as he searches for the mysterious Chandrian, the magical beings that killed his family. In this book, Kvothe leaves the University, becomes an adviser to a nobleman, becomes the lover of a faerie queen, and trains as an Adem mercenary. It is quite the page-turning adventure, made even more so by Rothfuss’s genius turns of phrase and intelligent writing. It is full of heart and humor, and the reader gets pulled into the ever-changing story.

I highly recommend this book (and the first in the series), not just to fantasy lovers, but to all readers. The fantasy element isn’t so in-your-face as to turn off any straight-literature loving folk. Simply put, it’s a damn fine book.

5/5 Stars

Search for Patrick Rothfuss's books through Indiebound
Search for Patrick Rothfuss’s books through Indiebound

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