Cold Days (Dresden Files #14): A Review

colddaysCold Days is the 14th installment of Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files. Professional Wizard Harry Dresden is facing all new foes, and as Queen Mab’s Winter Knight, he has new abilities. After spending the last book as a ghost, it’s nice to see Harry up and running again. Even better, James Marsters is back as the audiobook’s narrator after a strange departure in the previous book.

Once rehabilitated, Harry receives his first assignment from Queen Mab–Kill Maeve, the Winter Lady. He is, of course, apprehensive, especially since he quickly learns that he also has some sort of parasite living in his head, that the Island Demon Reach is about to blow up, and that he has a hoard of supernatural baddies who want to kill him (what else is new?). Oh, and he has to deal with most all of this within 24 hours. Set the timer and prepare yourself for action.

Cold Days represents the real beginning of the Dresden reset. Change can be scary and difficult for any writer, but so is falling into a monotonous monster-of-the-week type of set-up. Butcher pulls off this transformation with little to no abrasion or pain (at least on the part of the reader, I’m sure it was quite a difficult feat of writing). Like most of the Dresden books, the main storyline is wrapped up nicely, however there are bits and pieces that hint at a much larger story yet to unfold, leaving the reader yearning for the next book.

5/5 Stars

Side Note #1: This is actually the second time I’ve listened to this book. I wanted a refresher before diving into Skin Game, the latest book in the series which was just recently released and will be reviewed soon.

Side Note #2: Does it annoy anyone else that the covers for the Dresden files always show him wearing a hat? Dresden doesn’t wear hats…

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