Logan Turnpike Trail

Toward the end of last month, Greg and I discovered a new hiking trail that was only about 15 minutes away from home–The Logan Turnpike Trail. I couldn’t find much about it online and only vague directions to it’s trailhead. But armed with said directions, Greg and I drove (luckily, we were warned to take a 4-wheel drive to the trailhead, and so we did) down over creeks and through the forest out to the middle of nowhere. The lower head of the Logan Turnpike Trail is not well marked. Luckily, the road (Kellum Valley RD,  of HWY 129) dead ends right at the trail, so we were able to find it with only minor confusion.

There’s a reason there’s not a lot about this trail to be found, it’s rarely hiked, and after about a mile, the trail is poorly maintained. The last climb up to Testanatee Gap is a doozy, but doable. If you decide to hike this trail, make sure you’re wearing pants, have waterproof boots, and have bug spray. We had 2/3 of these things. The bug…oh god the gnats and mosquitoes were enough to drive a person insane.

Logan Turnpike Trail is an in-and-out trail that totals four miles. I would rate it moderate to difficult (especially that last climb). We didn’t meet a single other person on this trail (tough we did come across people at Testanatee Gap who were parked and going to hike the Appalachian Trail.




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