Dragonquest (Pern #2): A Review

dragonquestDragonquest is the second book in the Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. It is the continuing story of the Dragonriders of Pern and their battle against the Threads that fall from the sky. Even with the reinforcements they brought through time, the dragonriders are getting tired, and tensions and infighting are growing rapidly. Brother F’lar and F’nor, along with weyrwomen Lessa and Brekke, search to find new answers to a problem many, many Turns old.

While this book certainly presented slightly more character development and depth than the first one, I still couldn’t find myself really getting into the story. The women are either flat or utterly contemptible. The men are mostly pigheaded and stubborn. F’nor is the only one of the human characters I really could identify with. The dragons, however, are quite intriguing, though they don’t really play a huge part character-wise. Their insights and quips are what really move the story forward. They seem wiser and more natural than the people riding them.

I have nothing but respect for Anne McCaffrey, especially for her being a woman in a field that was completely dominated by men back when she was writing these books (and still is, to some extent). The Pern books are pillars of the sci-fi and fantasy genre. But for all that, I just don’t love the books themselves. They’re good, but not frenzied fangirl inducing (at least to little ol’ me).

3/5 Stars

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