Tybee Island Beach

A couple weeks ago, Greg and I did something a bit crazy for us. We booked a last minute mini-vacation at the beach. We left on a Friday after work (around 1pm), drove 5 hours to Savannah, and spent the night in a cheap hotel (one of the ones that seemed less murder-y online). And then woke up super early and headed out to the beach at Tybee Island. By 9am, we were soaking up some rays (after liberally applying sunscreen). We read, went for a swim, walked along the beach, and even gave in impromptu marine biology lesson to two little girls about sand-dollars–And all that before lunch!

We headed back towards Savannah for lunch and ate at Wiley’s Barbecue — which was the first place we found that was easily accessible. It wound up being one of the top rated BBQ places in the country (and #1 in GA) according to TravelAdvisor. And OH MAN, did they deserve it. Not only was the BBQ super-delicious, all the sides were mouth-wateringly good. I’m drooling now just remembering it…

Anyhoo, after lunch, we headed to Fort Pulaski and spent the afternoon there (those pictures will come later). By 3pm we were back on the road, heading home.

June 21st is the longest day of the year, the first day of summer. I never knew that we could fit so much fun into less than 36 hours. It was a single day that was well worth the drive there and back again.

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