Skin Game (Dresden Files #15): A Review

skingameSkin Game is the latest book in the oh-so-popular series known as The Dresden Files, written by Jim Butcher. The Dresden Files are the tales and adventures of professional wizard Harry Dresden, who is now also Queen Mab’s Winter Knight. For these books, I prefer to listen to the audio versions. James Marsters returns as the narrator and does a marvelous job.

In Skin Game, Dresden is loaned out by Mab to one of Dresden’s oldest enemies–Nicodemus Archleone, a fallen angel and overall evil bad guy—in order to repay a debt of Mab’s. The job?—to steal the literal Holy Grail. Dresden, of course, isn’t happy about his situation, especially since there is something living inside his head is threatening to kill him at any minute. Dresden has to break out the big guns for this mission, make sure his temporary allies don’t betray him, and must rely on his group of friends for help and guidance.

Early on in the book, there’s a fight scene that was reminiscent of Butcher’s Codex Alera battle scenes, meaning it was long, boring, and pointless. It was a bit disheartening, because I know Butcher can do better, and normally does with the Dresden books. This one scene threatened to lower my overall rating of the book. Luckily, it was only the one instance, and the story recovers from it and makes up for it. The rest of the novel is an emotional thrill ride and brought my rating back up to 5-stars.

5/5 Stars

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