Conquering a Mountain – Redux


It’s been about a year and a half since Greg and I first conquered Yonah Mountain. Since then, we’ve returned to the trail twice, but never made it far due to either our third party member or injury. On July 5, 2014, we returned and made it to the summit once more. Things were a bit different for us this time. The first time, we did it in February, one of those rare warm winter days. This time, we did it in July on one of those rare cool days. It still hasn’t lost its amazingness. This time, we marveled at how our bodies have improved since the first hike and we got to enjoy wild blueberries at the summit.


One thought on “Conquering a Mountain – Redux

  1. Incredible pics as always April. You guys are doing what most people simply talk about doing – so good on you both! We had a similar experience in the Scottish Highlands in June.
    Apologies for not getting over more often recently – I’m on the final stages of preparing my latest thriller for release. Keep up the good ‘work’, and be careful out there.

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