Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock #1): A Review

skinwalkerSkinwalker is the first book in Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series. Badass female leads aren’t hard to find in the Urban Fantasy genre, but Jane Yellowrock is a cut above the rest. She’s a Native American (probably Cherokee) skinwalker, meaning she can change into any animal that she has a part of (tooth, feather, hide, etc), but even though she is quite possibly the last skinwalker, she is made more unique by the fact that she has a literal beast living inside her – the soul of a mountain lion.

Jane is temporarily relocated to New Orleans (from her home base in Ashville, NC), were she is on a bounty hunting job. She has been hired by the local vampires to hunt down and slaughter a rogue vampire who’s been killing humans. But Jane quickly realizes that there’s more to her target than anyone else knows, and while hunting him down, she also learns more about her own unknown past.

Skinwalker is an awesome, page-turning adventure set apart from other urban fantasy books with its unique, unfolding mythology. Jane is an intriguing main character with unique characteristics. And the story surrounding her unfolds with her own self discoveries.

Tired of typical vampires and witches? Pick up Skinwalker and give Faith Hunter’s world a try.

5/5 Stars

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