The Gods of Guilt: A Review

Gods of GuiltThe Gods of Guilt is the fifth novel in Michael Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer series featuring defense attorney Mickey Haller. I love all of Connelly’s books. They are wonderful for a quick read that isn’t complete fluff.

In The Gods of Guilt, Haller is defending Andre, a modern digital pimp, who is accused of killing one of Haller’s former clients, a prostitute named Gloria (Aka Glory Days, aka Giselle, and so on), that Haller had a special non-romantic relationship with. There is no conflict of interest because Haller truly believes that his client is innocent–a rare occurrence among defense lawyers.

With involvment from the DEA, and an ex-cop turned DA investigator, this story goes deep and could potentially be confusing, but Connelly lays the story out in a believable and understandable way, so that the reader isn’t left behind. The story has several time jumps, which makes it more realistic. Justice may be swift, but the justice system is not so much.

4/5 Stars

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