Servants of the Storm: A Review

servantsA tempest brews in Savannah…

Servants of the Storm is the new young adult novel from authoress Delilah S. Dawson. Though it’s classified as YA, it’s a creepy, Southern gothic tale that will delight even the non-young adults among us.

Dovey is traumatized after she witnesses her best friend, Carly, get killed during Hurricane Josephine. Fast forward one highly medicated year later, and Dovey thinks she sees Carly in a local cafe. When she goes off her pills and starts investigating more thoroughly, Dovey is pulled into a world of mind-control, demons, shadows, and albino alligators.

Dark and creepy, this novel has just enough humor in it to help occasionally break the tension and allow the reader to take a much needed breath. The psychological side of this thriller is well-played and after the book was over, I wanted more. A exhilarating read that will leave some people quivering under the covers, this tale is perfectly set in the mood of autumn–as hurricane season gives way to Halloween.

5/5 Stars

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