Dangerous Women: A Review

dangerous womenDangerous Women is a tome. No really; I don’t recommend buying the physical copy because it is heavy, cumbersome, and just plain big. Because of this, it isn’t easily read. IT took me six weeks to from start to finish because I couldn’t just tote this book with me. I only read it for a few minutes each night in bed.

So I recommend getting Dangerous Women in a digital format.

Dangerous Women is actually an anthology edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. It contains twenty-one stories from some of today’s biggest writers including Jim Butcher, Sherilynn Kenyon, Brandon Sanderson, Megan Abbott, Diana Gabaldon, and even Martin himself. Honestly, I wanted this tome to read Martin’s and Butcher’s stories specifically, and that’s how anthologies work. You throw one or two (or 10+) big names in there to draw the masses, and then along the way, readers are able to discover works from new, perhaps lesser-known authors. One of my favorite stories in this book is “Caretakers” by Pat Cadigan – an author I have never read before. It’s about a pair of sisters who discover that something suspect is going down at their mother’s nursing home, and set about to investigate it.

One negative thing about anthologies, though, is that they are typically a mixed bag. I loved some of the stories, I skipped over two of the stories because I just couldn’t read them past the first 2 pages, and then there are some I slogged though, and those I thought were okay, but didn’t leave much of an impression.  This aspect of anthologies makes them difficult to review and makes it difficult to ever give them better than a 3 or 4 star review.

So over all, Dangerous Women is worth a read, but not worth the back pain.

3/5 Stars

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