Canoeing Lake Burton

Greg and I got up early this morning and headed to one of our favorite spots – Moccasin Creek State Park on Lake Burton. We got out on the lake about 9am and spent the morning canoeing. It was a beautiful day. Afterwards, we made hotdogs and read by the lake, enjoying the cool weather.


The Corgs and the Balloon…

…or three balloons to be more precise.

You may also notice my new fireplace in the background. Yeah, that was one reason I’ve been so quiet lately – major construction going on in my house.

Byron Herbert Reece and Appalachian Trail


Several weeks ago (July 31 actually), Greg and I went hiking (surprise!). We returned to the Byron Herbert Reece Trail located on Blood Mountain. This time, however, we took a different turn when we met up with a crossroads along the trail and hiked a bit of the Appalachian Trail. Most of these pictures come from that portion of the trail. It was a gorgeous, magical day–one of those rare days in mid-summer in North Georgia where the humidity is ultra low and the temperature is just right.

It’s taken a while for me to post these pictures. Normally, I don’t post out of order. However, I was quite behind and it was that next weekend when Greg and I were attacked by hornets on a trail, and I decided to supersede the order and post about our experience/warning.