Happy New Year Hike! – Blood Mtn Loop

Happy new year everyone! Surprisingly, there were no hangovers this morning, so Greg and I celebrated the new year by going on a hike. We decided to do the full Blood Mountain Loop, which involves the Byron Herbert Reece, Freeman, and Appalachian trails. The hike is a total of 6 miles. There are very few flat spots, with the trail mostly being slightly up or down hill the entire way. We’ve done parts of this trail before, but some parts of it were new to us. We also took our Corgi, Scotch, with us today, and it was all new to him. This hike also marks the first time we’ve ever met another hiking corgi. One corgi on a mountain trail is enough to elicit excitement, but two corgis caused some outright astonishment among fellow hikers (“Are you guys with the other corgi group?” “Did you know there’s another corgi ahead/behind you?” “Wow, I never thought I’d see hiking corgis!” and so on and so forth). A clear, gorgeous day plus a holiday means that the trail was packed (this is one of the most popular trails in the area). Overall, it was a wonderful day and an awesome hike.


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