Logan’s Turnpike Hike: Nov 30, 2014

So here I was thinking that I was only a couple months behind in posting hiking pics, then I realized I’d completely skipped over posting about our hike on the Logan’s Turnpike trail, which Greg and I did back in November. I’m only 5 months late!

Anyhoo, you may remember our previous trip to Logan’s Turnpike, which was done during the warmer months. Because it’s a little-used trail, it was completely overgrown and parts of the trail had turned into a marshy stream. Oh, and there were bugs, lots and lots of winged things flying around our faces. Needless to say, it wasn’t our favorite-est of hikes. However, we figured that these issues were directly related to the warmer months, and decided to return in the cooler months. So on a pleasant day in November, we headed out to change our perspective of this trail.

Logan’s Turnpike has an interesting history. It’s an old road. You can still find artifacts of this along the side of the trail, old rusty pails and such. The end of the trail/road was so steep that some of the first cars couldn’t make it on their own. In order for a car to top the hill, the driver would have to turn the car around and drive in reverse, preferably with someone else helping to push (which sounds incredibly dangerous, if you ask me).

Anyhoo, this time the trek up and back down the mountain was much improved. We still didn’t see a single soul on this hike. There was little to no growth on the trail, the bugs were in hiding, and the marsh had dried up. All-in-all, it was a good day.

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