Bear Hair Gap Trail: Feb 7, 2015

Back in February, Greg and I visited Vogel State park and hiked the Bear Hair Trail. I didn’t take any picture, but I did do something new. I actually tracked the hike using MapMyHike (an off shoot of MapMyRun, if you haven’t guessed). I hope that with this tracking information, I can provide better information on the trails I hike, rather than just regurgitating the info I find on the internet, which is often conflicting.

GPS Tracking of Bear Hair Trail Loop in Vogel State Park
Click on pic for full image   
Or go to for more details

It took me a little while to get the damned app sorted out, but once I did, we were well on our way. The walk from the parking lot to the trailhead and back again adds an extra mile to the hike. So in total, you’re looking at about 4.6 miles in total. We walked at a casual pace and took a quick break at the summit of the mountain making the full duration of our hike about two and a half hours.




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