Appalachian Trail – Woody Gap West

Click on image in check out the GPS tracking of this hike.
Click on image in check out the GPS tracking of this hike.

Woody Gap is one of the most popular starting points for Appalachian Trail day hikes in the North Georgia area. If you go east from the parking lot, you come to one of the most beautiful views in Georgia–Preacher’s Rock.

Woody Gap Sign

However, for this particular hike, Greg and I went southwest. We hiked 2.63 miles with no particular destination in mind, and then turned around and came back. Why 2.63 miles? Honestly, it all due to my malfunctioning GPS (which I finally got started at what we determined to be our turn around point). We hiked for an hour and a half in, stopped for a quick rest and to fiddle with the GPS app on my phone, and then recorded the rest of the hike while heading back to the parking lot. So the map above only traces our return trip.

Pasture Rose (Rosa Carolina)
Pasture Rose (Rosa Carolina)

This time of year, there’s all sorts of wildflowers bloomed along the trail, giving extra color and beauty to the trail. The trail is heavily wooded, with several small streams crossing the path. However, there are several spots where the forest opens up to give you a glorious view of the mountains.

Mountain view from the Appalachian Trail
Mountain view from the Appalachian Trail

Totally less than 5.3 miles, this was a relatively short hike, but since it’s the Appalachian Trail, you can go as short or as long of a distance as you like. The portion that we hiked was relatively flat and of a low to moderate difficulty.


Trail Length: 5.26 miles
Trail Rating: easy to moderate
Parking: No parking fee. Get there early as spaces are limited.
Facilities: Chemical Toilets located next to the east parking lot.

Hiked on May 30, 2015


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