Out of Whack

Sometimes you get out of whack. Your stars misalign, and everyday tasks and the world in general seem to get bigger. Less air exists.

You tread, tiptoeing to rise above the water line, each teeny shuffled step bringing you closer to the safety of the shore, but the tide is still rising. The undertors constantly pulls at you, sweeping away the sands beneath your feet.

Yet you move onward.


I’m not sure if I’m out of the ocean of uncertainty, yet, but I can take full breaths again.

Nothing bad or tragic happened. I didn’t have a flare up of my mystery illness, I simply lost focus and direction. Things got fuzzy.

This summer has been pretty good l, actually. Greg and I have done several kayaking trips and have gone on a decent number of hikes. Getting outdoors is great for resetting one’s mindset and focus. We even got a hottub this summer, which has been amazing after those longs days of hiking, kayaking, gardening, or just sitting around.

A couple of big events have happened. We passed the one year anniversary of Waffles’s passing, both Beans’s birthday and gotcha day, and my own birthday (oh, hello 34).

I’ve started running, well, sorta running. I’m interval training, slowly building up my endurance and speed. I started earlier this summer doing intervals of 30 seconds of running and then one minute of walking. I’m up to 1 minute and 20 second runs. My starting pace was around 15 minutes per mile. Today, I ran my fastest so far, hitting 12:05. My goal is to consistently be in the 10-12 minute range by the end of the year.

To help motivate myself and kick my training up a notch, I have signed up for my first 5k in October.

So here I am, hitting the reset button once again.



You got this.



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