A New Chapter

The past couple days have been a crazy emotional roller coaster. After seven years, I’m leaving my job at the University Press of North Georgia and starting a completely new adventure with a new company. My years as an editor have been wonderful. The press gave me so much experience and many opportunities, but it’s time to move on.

Last night, I was asked if I was interested in applying for this new position. I submitted my resume at 7am this morning and got called into an interview at 11am. I was offered the job and promptly accepted it. I am not a rash person. This decision has been both frightening and exhilarating, but ultimately, I know I’ve made the right choice.

Though I’m leaving the publishing world in this new career path, my love of books and writing has not waned in the least bit. I’ll still be posting my book reviews here, I’ll still be writing, and I will still be an active committee member of the Dahlonega Literary Festival.


Deep Breath


Let’s begin


I also dyed my hair recently. SO MANY CHANGES! UGH!Maybe I’m going through a third-life crisis or something…


Apologies and Excuses

Hello, all. My updates have not been as consistence as they should be. I’m about ten books behind on reviews and about four posts worth of hikes. I am currently undergoing an occupational transition and haven’t fallen into a good rhythm and flow just yet. On top of that, this past weekend, when I might have been able to play a bit of catch-up, I was too busy having fun and celebrating a pre-birthday weekend (Hiking, tubing, BBQ, Birthday Cake, Wine Tasting, and more! It was super fun, but no blogging was to be done).  Anyhoo, I hope to catch up soon. Until then, please bear with me.

Green Heron

This guy showed up on my back porch a couple weeks ago. He stayed there for a good 10 minutes and was nice enough to pose for a couple of pictures. After thorough research using the Googles, I found out he was a Green Heron. Pretty spiffy. Haven’t seen his kind around here before.

Tybee 049

Tybee 052

Tybee Island Part 2–Fort Pulaski

When Greg and I visited Tybee Island, GA, we spent the afternoon at Fort Pulaski, where a Civil War battle took place. You can still see some of the battle scars along the outer wall. Fun fact: This fort was engineered, moat and all, by Robert E. Lee–yup, that guy.

Tybee Island Beach

A couple weeks ago, Greg and I did something a bit crazy for us. We booked a last minute mini-vacation at the beach. We left on a Friday after work (around 1pm), drove 5 hours to Savannah, and spent the night in a cheap hotel (one of the ones that seemed less murder-y online). And then woke up super early and headed out to the beach at Tybee Island. By 9am, we were soaking up some rays (after liberally applying sunscreen). We read, went for a swim, walked along the beach, and even gave in impromptu marine biology lesson to two little girls about sand-dollars–And all that before lunch!

We headed back towards Savannah for lunch and ate at Wiley’s Barbecue — which was the first place we found that was easily accessible. It wound up being one of the top rated BBQ places in the country (and #1 in GA) according to TravelAdvisor. And OH MAN, did they deserve it. Not only was the BBQ super-delicious, all the sides were mouth-wateringly good. I’m drooling now just remembering it…

Anyhoo, after lunch, we headed to Fort Pulaski and spent the afternoon there (those pictures will come later). By 3pm we were back on the road, heading home.

June 21st is the longest day of the year, the first day of summer. I never knew that we could fit so much fun into less than 36 hours. It was a single day that was well worth the drive there and back again.

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Falling a Little Behind…

I’m running a few books behind on reviews. In the upcoming days, I’ll be posting reviews for Three Bedrooms, One Corpse by Charlaine Harris, The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, Little Men by Louisa May Alcott, and Cold Days by Jim Butcher. I’ll also be mixing in more vacation and hiking pictures–yes there’s more. I still need to post pics from biking (yes, biking, not hiking) around Cades Cove and hiking to Look Rock Tower from our vacation. We’ve also done two additional hikes since returning, so I’ll also be posting pics and commentary on those.

So lots of fun stuff coming up.

Also, if you’re an author who’d like to do an interview or guest post, shoot me an email: aprilnloebick@gmail.com


I will be gone on a hiking/writing retreat this week, with limited internet access. Greg and I will be staying in a cabin in the small town of Townsend, Tennessee. Townsend borders the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and it like a second home to me–it is where my paternal grandmother is buried. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, and I go there quite often.

Much writing, reading, hiking, and relaxing shall be had.

We’ll be returning Friday evening. I’m not sure I’ll have any posts between now and then. It depends on if I was able to crank any reviews out Sunday and schedule them to be posted (even this one is being scheduled. Hello from the past!).

Our cabin will be just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Cades Cove–an eleven-mile scenic loop in the park filled with local wildlife. Below is a youtube video filled with gorgeous photography (better than my amateur endeavors) that only touches on the majesty of this place.