Wednesday Writing Prompt #19

Character Development: Your main character(s) is preparing for a week-long road trip. What do they pack and why?


Wednesday Writing Prompt #18

Write a cheesy poem that includes the following words:

  • Sun
  • Light
  • Moon
  • Night
  • Day


Day and Night (Rubaiyat Stanzas)

Magnificent and yellow sun
That shines and makes the night undone
The darkful night gives way.  Now hide,
Waned moon, a new day has begun.

The brilliant light and warmth does glide
Ever so slowly, blanketing worldwide.
Eventually darkness is always done,
Although in night does day confide?

Wednesday Writing Prompt #17

Write a poem or short story with the following as the first line(s):

A trail of foot prints littered the sky…


My try (a haiku):

A trail of footprints
littered the sky in the night,
dreams and worlds collide.

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