Panther Creek Revisit

Today, Greg and I revisited on of our favorite hiking trails, Panther Creek Falls. Panther Creek is a 7 miles, in and out trail. I would rate this trail as difficult as the last 1/4 mile can be dangerous if you’re not careful (rock cliffs and steep steps mixed with a very narrow trail). We first hiked Panther Creek back in March. It was a lot colder back then. This time, Greg and I waded into the water and welcomed its coolness with open arms.


Conquering a Mountain – Redux


It’s been about a year and a half since Greg and I first conquered Yonah Mountain. Since then, we’ve returned to the trail twice, but never made it far due to either our third party member or injury. On July 5, 2014, we returned and made it to the summit once more. Things were a bit different for us this time. The first time, we did it in February, one of those rare warm winter days. This time, we did it in July on one of those rare cool days. It still hasn’t lost its amazingness. This time, we marveled at how our bodies have improved since the first hike and we got to enjoy wild blueberries at the summit.

Black Rock Mountain – Three Trails

A few weeks ago, Greg and I returned to Black Rock Mountain State Park to hike some of the shorter trails that we didn’t do when we went there the first time. We went on three trails in total: Tennessee Rock Trail (2.2 miles), Spring House Trail (.6mi), & Ada Hi Falls Trail (.25mi). It was another gorgeous, mostly cloudy day up on the mountain, and by the time we left, we were worn out.

Tennessee Rock Trail is a difficult trail. Spring House is moderate. And though Ada Hi Falls Trail is short, it is difficult as it has many stairs.

Tybee Island Beach

A couple weeks ago, Greg and I did something a bit crazy for us. We booked a last minute mini-vacation at the beach. We left on a Friday after work (around 1pm), drove 5 hours to Savannah, and spent the night in a cheap hotel (one of the ones that seemed less murder-y online). And then woke up super early and headed out to the beach at Tybee Island. By 9am, we were soaking up some rays (after liberally applying sunscreen). We read, went for a swim, walked along the beach, and even gave in impromptu marine biology lesson to two little girls about sand-dollars–And all that before lunch!

We headed back towards Savannah for lunch and ate at Wiley’s Barbecue — which was the first place we found that was easily accessible. It wound up being one of the top rated BBQ places in the country (and #1 in GA) according to TravelAdvisor. And OH MAN, did they deserve it. Not only was the BBQ super-delicious, all the sides were mouth-wateringly good. I’m drooling now just remembering it…

Anyhoo, after lunch, we headed to Fort Pulaski and spent the afternoon there (those pictures will come later). By 3pm we were back on the road, heading home.

June 21st is the longest day of the year, the first day of summer. I never knew that we could fit so much fun into less than 36 hours. It was a single day that was well worth the drive there and back again.

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Bear Hair Gap Trail at Vogel State Park

As many times as I’ve been to Vogel State Park, I’ve never been on any other trail other than the waterfall/lake one. Apparently they have a few others, one of which is called Bear Hair–and there’s no way I was ignoring a trail with that awesome name. It’s a 3.5 mile loop that starts in Vogel State Park, but winds about in the Blood Mountain Wilderness/National forest area. There are a few climbs, and because of this, I would rate it moderate to slightly difficult. But it is a fun one. If you do it, make sure you take the short detour that takes you to the very tip top of the mountain that is supposed to over-look the park (but it’s a bit grown up), but the view and happy endorphins are worth it.

James E. Edmond Trail at Black Rock Mountain State Park

This trail is also known as “OH DEAR LORD WHY!?” at least it is to me and Greg. Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely beautiful and we had an amazing time, but this 7.2 mile loop trail is nothing but hills. Over the course of this trail, you will fall and rise over 1000 feet in elevation, which makes total sense when you find out that Black Rock Mountain State Park is the highest elevation park in Georgia. And man, does it have some of the most glorious views. You can see for miles from the visitor’s center at the peak of the mountain. We totally want to go back and try our hand (or legs) at the other, shorter trails.

James E. Edmond Trail is a strenuous hike.


Look Rock Tower Mini-Hike

Look Rock Tower is located on the Foothills Parkway (Between hwy129 and hwy321). Look Rock is located on  Chilhowee Mountain which has an elevation of is 2,650 ft and provides a spectacular 360 degree view. The hike from the parking lot to the tower is short, only .5 miles, but it is also handicap accessible, being paved and gently sloping. Even if it doesn’t make you break a sweat, it is still worth the drive up the mountain.