Falling a Little Behind…

I’m running a few books behind on reviews. In the upcoming days, I’ll be posting reviews for Three Bedrooms, One Corpse by Charlaine Harris, The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, Little Men by Louisa May Alcott, and Cold Days by Jim Butcher. I’ll also be mixing in more vacation and hiking pictures–yes there’s more. I still need to post pics from biking (yes, biking, not hiking) around Cades Cove and hiking to Look Rock Tower from our vacation. We’ve also done two additional hikes since returning, so I’ll also be posting pics and commentary on those.

So lots of fun stuff coming up.

Also, if you’re an author who’d like to do an interview or guest post, shoot me an email: aprilnloebick@gmail.com


Wildlife and Writing Adventure

Vacation finally came. Greg and I have been planning our writing retreat in the woods for some time now. We had decided early on that we would spend the mornings doing something outdoorsy, the afternoons writing, and the evenings were just to be enjoyed. We stayed in a small cabin in Townsend, TN. There was no Wifi, meaning there were few distractions when writing. We managed to get about a chapter and a half hashed out. There’s still a bit of editing do to, but I believe we made a good impact. We did two area hikes–Abram’s Creek Falls (Tuesday) and Look Rock Tower (Thursday). On Wednesday morning, we rented a couple of bikes and road the eleven-mile Cades Cove loop. All-in-all, it was a fun, relaxing, and productive vacation.

I will be posted several sets of pictures of this vacation’s activities over the next couple of weeks. Up first are just some general pictures of the cabin and of Greg and me.


I will be gone on a hiking/writing retreat this week, with limited internet access. Greg and I will be staying in a cabin in the small town of Townsend, Tennessee. Townsend borders the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and it like a second home to me–it is where my paternal grandmother is buried. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, and I go there quite often.

Much writing, reading, hiking, and relaxing shall be had.

We’ll be returning Friday evening. I’m not sure I’ll have any posts between now and then. It depends on if I was able to crank any reviews out Sunday and schedule them to be posted (even this one is being scheduled. Hello from the past!).

Our cabin will be just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Cades Cove–an eleven-mile scenic loop in the park filled with local wildlife. Below is a youtube video filled with gorgeous photography (better than my amateur endeavors) that only touches on the majesty of this place.

Stonepile Writers’ Anthology on Barnes & Noble

All three volumes of the Stonepile Writers’ Anthology (The third of which I edited, the first two I co-edited with Matthew Pardue) are now available to purchase from Barnes and Noble (still trying to figure out what’s up with Amazon).

The first volume includes my poem “A Girl and Her Cat,” “2x,” and “Painted Glass.”

While I co-edited the second volume, none of my work is included.

The third volume includes my poem “I am a Hobbit” and a special note from me.



U: Ultra Shameless Self-Promotion

Stonepile-CoverEarlier this year, The Stonepile Writers’ Anthology, Vol. III was released. I have been the editor of this series since the beginning, and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to watch it grow and mature. This year’s is the best yet, with selections from Ann Hite (Author of The Storycatcher), Tim Westover (Editor of The Old Weird South), and me!

Unfortunately, the distributor of this title hasn’t put it up for sale on Amazon, yet, but you can order your copy by mailing in this spiffy form (just think of if as retro!). The order form is at the bottom of this post.

Original Press Release:

 Volume III of the compilation of poetry and prose is now available. All three volumes are published and distributed through the University Press of North Georgia (UPNG), and reviews can be found on GoodReads.com. Stonepile Writers’ Anthology, Volumes I though III, are collections from writers exclusively of southern Appalachia. Volume III was edited by April Loebick.

The Stonepile Writers’ Anthology has grown into a regional phenomenon, and Volume III is proving to be the best collection yet.

This latest edition features works from Ann Hite, 2012 Georgia Author of the Year winner and author of Ghost on Black Mountain and The Storycatcher,  and Tim Westover, author of Auraria, a story about the area between Dawson and Lumpkin counties, a mere stone’s throw from the University of North Georgia, that initiated America’s first gold rush. Further, the Anthology includes works from professors, students and staff at UNG.

Rosann Kent, director of The Georgia Appalachian Studies Center, commented that “In Appalachia, place matters. It forms who we are as well as who we are not, the vessel for kindness as well as the cauldron for hatred. Where is your place? And what is your place in that place? Among these poems and short stories, you may just discover that.”

The release party is to be held at the Vickery House, 24 Vickery Drive, Dahlonega, GA, 30533, from 6 to 8 p.m. on Jan. 30, and will feature readings as well as refreshments. Books will be for sale for $19.95; UPNG will only accept cash or personal checks. More information about Stonepile Writers’ Anthology and UPNG can be found at upng.org

Stonepile Writer’s Anthology Vol. III
ISBN: 987-0-9882237-5-2

Stonepile Writers’ Anthology, Vol III Order Form

Q: Quick Writing Update

Regular readers of my blog may recall that my husband (Greg) and I are writing a fantasy novel together. We haven’t told too many people about it or even much of what it’s about.

However, I can say that pygmy sheep are involved.

“Turn your back on a pygmy sheep for a moment & BAM! Before you know it, you’re tumbling down a steep hill unsure of which way is up.”

That’s the biggest preview we’ve given the world. We have two alpha readers who are reading it chapter-by-chapter as we finish. So far, we have a first draft of five chapters (plus a prologue) completed. It’s slow going, but it is at least moving forward.

Next month, we have rented a cabin in Townsend, Tennessee for five days. We are using this vacation as a writing retreat (with lots of hiking built in). My goal is to get at least two more chapters hashed out while we’re there. And I hope to have at least one additional chapter finished before we even go.



P: Poetry

I started out this month by doing both the A to Z Blogging Challenge and Writers Digest’s Poem-a-Day Challenge. I only stuck with the A to Z. I made it a whole 2 days on the PAD challenge, and these are the two poems I come up with. I spent a total of about 10-15 minutes on each, so you know they’re flawless gems!

Fleeting Moment

A rain of petals
Scatters across my porch,
Tumbling in the breeze.
A graceful chaos
Signals the beginning of Spring

White on brown,
A delicate silk,
Like soft, warm snow.
A fleeting tableau–
Intangible moments of Spring.

Drifting sinuously,
Below the clouds,
Maroon leaves spawn
From balding stems.
Spring fades to Summer in the South.



The spine cracks,
A satisfying moment,
Inhale, savor
The thick musty pages.

The uneven edges,
Cut by an uncaring knife.
It has character,
This leather-bound tome.

Title page,
Chapter one.

Off I go!
A hobbit’s tale
A kingdom of long-ago
Lost among the stars.

Once upon a time,
Build-up, tensions rise
Climax! Resolution!
The end.

What an incredible journey!